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Trials and Tribulations

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Yeah, I am not sure of how you would use this, now combine spock with Gleam’d and a feed reader and you might have something. My example, (I am big on these) Ok you go to this site, and it rank peoples popularity(gleam’d) so you see John Doe(don’t look for him on pownce rubin =D) and you say to yourself, wow a lot of people know who he is and I don’t, I’ll click on his page, next you get a very(I stress,very) informative page on who John Doe is, his links, his associations, descriptive tags, and all the feeds that he currently wants to share(ala jaiku) so now you know that john doe is rising in popularity, that he is a 92 year old Ruby on Rails programmer with a propensity towards crotcheting, he is a father, and a husband, you can link to his children, his wife Jane. You get a few pictures, you know where to find him because you have all his links, and you also have all his latest feeds, so you know what he is up to.(Now in my mind this sounds alot like facebook) however, no commenting, but the power, like spock to add info that you know about John, that John can then confirm or deny(ala wiki) This is my brainchild of a site, and if you were the type of person that wanted to get messages or comments or wall posts or notes, or whatever the hell else you wanted to call them, the api would be open and you could install said module. So like Spock you could search for John Doe, if you knew him, but like gleam’d, if a ton of people were interested in what he was all about , he would rise in popularity. Wow, that was long winded, I hope that made sense, as I’ve said in the past, I cook for a living, but I have a whole bunch of ideas to share.


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