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Pizza Hut’s “Double Roll” Is Blowing My Mind

Tue, 07/17/2007 – 11:52am by YumSugar

Wow. Really that’s all you need to say about Pizza Hut’s “Double Roll” pizza – hot dog stuffed crust pizza with corn, mini- hamburger patties and a whole lot more. I really don’t have much else to say except for that a medium costs ¥2500 ($20.50) and a large will set you back ¥3550 ($29). Oh and like most amazing things, it’s only available in Japan. If anyone can translate the ad, please let us know what it says in the comments.

Update: The fine folks at Slice NY have pointed out that the ad has the date Sept 9, 2007 in it. Does this mean it’s a limited edition pizza? Oh and what’s stuffed into the right-hand side and why does it have a maple leaf instead of a tomato? Is it a sweet maple syrup sauce?!

Source: Plastic Bamboo


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