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http___wwwhammachercom-hammacher-schlemmer-the-hot-dog-grill-and-bun-warmer.jpgThe Hot Dog Grill And Bun Warmer. This vertical grill combines the benefits of convection cooking and radiant heat, allowing it to cook five hot dogs and two buns, or a single hamburger and bun at the same time caramelizing your meats. Trimmed in stainless steel, the grill has an adjustable grilling basket that can accommodate larger items, such as chicken breasts or fish steaks, and cooking times can be adjusted to suit your taste. Buns are warmed in the two compartments adjacent to the central grill section, and all grease and crumbs from cooking are collected by a non-stick tray that removes for cleaning. 12″ L x 5 1/2″ W x 8 3/4″ H. (5 lbs.) Item 74892 ………………. $49.95 Expected ship date 10/20/2007.
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