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THE “COMBO” – $245.00 Tandem Hang Gliding Aero Tow, And Full Introductory Lesson This is a great way to fill your first day with a very rewarding learning experience. A combined high altitude 25OO' tandem introductory flight lesson – aero towed up over the Connecticut River valley and a four hour, foot launched, hill side Hang Gliding introductory lesson. Your instructor will go over the glider basics and procedures, then once you are aloft together, let you fly the glider to see and feel the ease of flying a modern Hang Glider from altitude. This combined with your hill side lesson, is a very unique way to fully experience a day of Hang Gliding flight. It will easly allow you to begin your understanding of what it is to launch, land and fly a Hang Glider. The tandem portion of the flight is around 20 minutes and can be done before, during or after the foot launching lesson that takes place on Morningside's grassy slopes. The foot launch portion of the “Combo” lesson starts at 9:00 AM, on the morning of your reservation date.
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