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Podcasting Equipment Guide (2009)

Figure 1 Dan Benjamin, “broadcasting” circa 1976.

I’ve loved broadcasting my whole life. When I started my first podcast back in 2006, I was hopeful that it would turn into something I could do for fun, and maybe earn a little bit of extra cash. Today, almost 4 years later, I make a large part of my income from podcasting (I co-host Rails Envy, Tack Sharp, and the EE Podcast, as well as a few upcoming projects), and screencasting (at PeepCode).

This article is a major update (a rewrite, actually) of my original Podcasting equipment guide. I’ve tried a lot of gear and learned a lot since I wrote that article — I’ve been recording something almost daily for the last 4 years. While most of my recommendations in that article are still valid, I wanted to publish this update to share what I’ve learned.

So, if you’re thinking about podcasting and have no idea where to start, if you’ve tried recording using your computer’s built-in microphone and realized just how bad that sounds, and if you’re ready to get serious about creating great audio, you’re in the right place. My hope is that this article will assist you in building a recording rig that suits your needs and meets your budget.


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