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Welcome to Jim Carrey's World

November 9, 2009

Cynics may deride Jim Carrey's new personal web site because it went online just as his latest movie (A Christmas Carol) arrived in theaters. Therefore, according to them, it's just another cheap PR ploy. You know – like appearing on the Tonight Show. Well, of course, it's PR, but it sure is a cool site.

Log onto and you'll be rewarded by a Flash-intensive treat. The actual content is a little thin, but you'll enjoy wandering through it. It's a visual blast, in a Terry Gilliam Pythonesque sort of way, authored by noted web designers 65media.

So, what's in Jim Carrey's world? Read on.

You'll see lots of graphics of Carrey from his more memorable film and TV roles, pasted into very surreal scenes. A Carrey bird flies around to parrot Carrey's Twitter account, and a news feed is delivered via a blimp (or is it a dirigible?). Follow the arrows down the rabbit hole, and you'll worm your way into some fun places. Probably the most endearing part is the personal photo album. I mean – a photo of Carrey mugging for the camera in front of the Grand Canyon – who hasn't done that?

The cynics can snicker, and refuse to log on. That's fine — that'll leave more bandwidth for me. But, most importantly, what do you think about Jim Carrey's world?

Via The Wall Street Journal

— Leslie Shapiro 

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