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"Boxee boxes available in 2010" –

On the boxee blog this morning, Avner Ronen announced a new and exciting partnership with an undisclosed consumer electronics company that will result in a dedicated device for users who want to use Boxee as a home theater system.

They were quick to say that they're still looking to develop Boxee for every possible device connected to your TV… computers, game consoles, set-top boxes, they want to be the media software for your device of choice (like the Apple TV).

However, I have to say that this isn't surprising. It's easier and quicker to develop an awesome application on the hardware of your chosing: any Apple fan knows that. This presents a new dilemma for Mac users who want to see Boxee on their computer or Apple TV — you can't devote an equal amount of time to development when you add another device into the mix.

That said, Boxee development hasn't exactly been the quickest process to begin with, and the service has been in alpha for quite some time. So, this may be a good way for Boxee to get out of alpha and into something that will show its true potential.


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