I’m willing to guess that maybe about 1 in 100,000 Business’s out there are using Buzz thus far. Even fewer are using it as a tool to rake in extra cash. Having said this, these number will change drastically over the next several months. I truly believe that Buzz will become one of the marketing tools that any Storefront business will die for.

Here are a few Examples of how a Store can rake in all kinds of extra cash Using Buzz, now and more so in the future:

Bob’s Bakery Made Too Many Peanut Butter and Jelly Cookies
Bob made an extra batch of cookies because he thought he’d sell more. Now He’s going to have to either a) throw them away and lose money, or b) eat them, lose money and get fat. Wait, Bob just remembered he has Google buzz. Bob Sends a short Buzz out saying “Bob’s Bakery has a 1 hour sale on Our Famous Peanut Butter and Jelly Cookies, Stop in if you are in the area and get 5 Free cookies with any order you make”. Anyone in the area will see the buzz situated on the map where Bob has his bakery. They will come in, buy something and walk away with the free cookies Bob was going to put in the trash anyhow.

A Movie Theater on a Slow Day
You own a local theater. It’s a Wednesday afternoon, and you start to notice Business is extremely slow today. Hmm, Let’s Use Google Buzz! 5-10 minutes before each movie starts you look at how well that movie timeslot is selling. If it’s on the extreme low end, you send a Google Buzz out telling people that if they are within 5 minutes of your Theater they can come watch “Rocky 11” for half price. All they have to do is mention the Buzz. This instantly puts a Buzz on people’s cell phones in and around the area. They see it, have nothing better to do, and come to your theater to take advantage of the discount on Stallones Latest Rocky Flick where Rockey fights an elderly woman in the nursing home.

This template for using Buzz can be put into play in almost any local business. The tool is invaluable, especially once Buzz becomes mainstream.