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What works, what sucks and what’s coming for 11 horror remakes!

What works, what sucks and what\'s coming for 11 horror remakes!

According to Hollywood’s logic, anything worth doing is worth doing over again—especially if people remember you did it the first time.

Sequels notwithstanding, the studios are churning out one remake, reboot or “re-imagining” after another of familiar and not-so-familiar horror movies and franchises, the latest of which is The Crazies, Breck Eisner’s update of the 1973 George Romero movie of the same name.

While the jury’s still out on A Nightmare on Elm Street—which probably qualifies as the Holy Grail of horror remakes—SCI FI Wire decided to take a closer look at some of the other classic horror films that will return to the screen in the not-so-distant future and why the originals deserve to stand on their own.


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