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Ross Livermore Band
Location: Boston, MA
Genres: Rock, Pop, Jam, Soul
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Artist Biography

All conversation abruptly stopped when the sound of an acoustic guitar and a unique voice began to sing. (…) Offering tightly constructed melodic material with a folk song quality, the Ross Livermore Band creates flowing organic music that is great to experience live.
— Music Down To Your Soul (

His set last week was terrific. Ross has a very smooth tenor voice with Stevie Wonder-like technique and soul. Ross Livermore is a rising star! Keep your eye out!”
–Tom Bianchi Songwriter/Session Bassist

“His lyrics possess a magically poetic flare that dazzles the listener with fun, upbeat imagery. The music jumps with an upbeat energy that reminds me of a reggae influenced feel-good songs”
–VH1 Songwriters Contest


Ross Livermore started as a solo songwriter in Boston, often compared to the stylings of Incubus, Ben Harper and Stevie Wonder amongst critical acclaim on college radio throughout the Northeast. Livermore picked up a guitar at age 13 and taught himself how to play fronting the progressive rock band Brake for Moose for 9 years before embarking on his solo career. During his four-month stay in Sicily, Livermore wrote, performed, and recorded with the Ramzi Harabbi World Music Ensemble. Now, as a staple on the local Boston music scene Livermore has been gaining solid ground as a solo musician, securing residencies at many prestigious Boston area bars and filling rooms with his newly formed Ross Livermore Band.

Paul Dumas came to the aid of Livermore’s music as drummer and percussionist over 10 years ago before joining the band full time in late 2008 for the Ross Livermore’s debut solo EP To Life… Dumas had the privilege of studying with Fred Buda, one of the area’s most renowned Jazz drummers.

Brad Garone (Mondo Gecko, Big Daddy and the Puritan Slang, The Josephs) studied under such jazz greats as Jon Wheatley (guitar) and Walter Platt (trumpet). Joining Ross Livermore Band as lead guitarist and co-songwriter in late 2008, Garone became fascinated with composition and classical/romantic era composers and began writing chamber works and other compositions during his studies at UMass Lowell.

Max Spaderna hailed from Livermore and Dumas’ prog-metal outfit Brake For Moose as bassist before joining Ross Livermore Band during Halloween of 2008. Spaderna cites his main bass influences as James Jamerson, Bernard Edwards, Paul McCartney, and Chuck Rainey.

Jonathan Bousquet began playing tenor saxophone and clarinet at a young age long before studying alongside Brad Garone at UMass Lowell in the Music Education program, studying under Charles Gabriel (UML) Ed Saindon (Berklee) and Ken Reid (UML). Bousquet joined Ross Livermore Band in Spring of 2009 as the final addition to their funky line-up.

Performance credits for both Ross Livermore Band and its members include Webster Hall, Parkside Lounge, Sullivan Hall, The Bitter End, Lizard Lounge, TT the Bear’s, Middle East, Toad, Bill’s Bar, Harpers Ferry, Paradise Rock Club, TT the Bear’s, Church Boston, Jerry Jam, Bellstock, Wallapalooza, Clinton Art & Music Festival and Symphony Hall.

This guy is one of the hardest working musicians I know and the album is great, I don’t usually shameless plug anything but I would love to see all his hard work pay off!!!


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