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7. Netflix for iPad

Price: Free
App Type: iPad Specific
Why We Can’t Wait: It’s Netflix on the iPad.Come on! Netflix’s Watch Instantly service is one of the best things that the company ever introduced. Tons and tons of devices already support the service — including the XBox 360, the PS3, most recently the Nintendo Wii — not to mention all kinds of Blu-ray players — that it was inevitable for an iPad app to come out too.

Still, we’re pleasantly surprised that the iPad app will be available at launch, meaning that we can catch-up on our favorite Netflix Watch Instantly programs on our new devices. In addition to offering queue management right in the app (which is great – do you know how many Netflix queue apps I have on my iPhone? The actual number is just downright scary), you can also resume watching where you left off on your TV or computer.

How cool is that? Start a movie at home, resume it on the train (assuming you have a WiFi or 3G connection) to work. Or, as will probably be the case in my house, start watching something in the living room or den and then resume watching it in bed, without taking over the bedroom TV or disturbing your partner.

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