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Tumblr premium themes fail…

So… I’ve been poking around looking for a new theme for my photoblog that is also hosted here on Tumblr. Photography by Wolfman-K.

In poking around in the theme garden I found a premium theme that I think I might really like. The problem is it’s $49. Now I dont have a problem paying for quality themes, content, software, etc. But the problem is there is no way to see how this theme works.

I would assume that a premium theme would have all the options, bells, and/or whistles that modern free theme would have. Such as the ability to change color schemes, add discuss or feedburner support without hand coding everything.

Don’t get me wrong I have edited every theme I use by hand, I certainly could do it again, but the problem with hand coding is it makes it difficult to update the theme, and if I am going to pay for it, it would be nice to not “have” to hack at it.

So I posed questions as suggestions and bugs to the author via the feedback area in the premium theme page, but I think I may have come off more hostle than I wanted to, and I received no reply. So I emailed the author directly, his tumblog even claims he likes emails, but I got no response.

So I then asked Tumblr support what the policy is for refunds when buying a premium theme if you didn’t like it. This is the response I got.

Marc | APR 13, 2010 12:37PM UTC

Hi, Keith. Hello. We have two options for refunds:

1) We can add the credits back to your account for future purchases.

2) We can refund your credit card charge, which will prevent you from purchasing any premium content or features on Tumblr in the future.

Hope that helps!

Marc 🙂

Tumblr Support

So, basically as I understand it, Tumblr or the theme author provide you no way to know what your getting with a premium theme other than the few screen shots you get to see. But tumblr gets to keep your money one way or another or you are forever banned from buying any premium product or service from Tumblr again…. ever.

Now I love tumblr as a service, and I am more than happy to support them and the content author by paying for premium service/content etc… as I said above. But If I drop $49 on a custom theme that doesn’t integrate with tumblr’s own customize dashboard interface I can’t get my money back?

The Store credit thing is nice…. but even if I splurged and bought $9 custom themes for all of my blogs I’d still have $13 is credit hanging out for years on my account. (Besides I am happy with my other themes at the moment)

You guys seriously need a try before you buy option or at least give us some screen shots of what it can do from the dashboard side of things not just the finished product.

i hear ya Keith, this is not cool


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