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Trials and Tribulations

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You read that right! Except that, no, Ianto is probably not going to rise from the grave, unlike his brilliant show. Everyone’s favorite Doctor Who spin-off — *glares at Sarah Jane* — has been announced for a triumphant return. It will be produced in conjunction with Starz, a U.S. television channel usually focused on first-run premium films; but it has recently delved into the world of television shows with short-running programs in the same vein as the BBC’s production of only a handful of episodes at a time as opposed to the usual U.S. way of making almost two dozen episodes that are generally not nearly as high of quality. Most recently it has created the critically acclaimed series Spartacus: Blood and Sand, and, if this is true, Starz will exclusively première this 10-episode series of a more international version of Torchwood, similar to how Children of Earth dealt with a worldwide alien plot.


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