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Itunes Ping is a friggin joke..No easy way to connect to anyone(ummm this is supposed to be a social experience right?) No web version… and why the hell if its so tied into itunes and Steve is all about apple tv and rentals wouldn’t they just make this for everything on itunes, movies, tv, books, apps etc. This could have been amazing…Major Jobs FAIL!!!!

I wanted to love this. I had thought when I noticed that you could share stuff from Itunes on facebook that it would make sense. But not tying this into facebook(anymore) and the ease of use that like every other site on the planet has connecting to your existing contacts is an abhorrence of a service. Umm where is invite your twitter friends or facebook connect or even gmail contact integration. YOUR CONTROL ISSUES ARE KILLING US STEVE

And with the goddamn focus of Itunes being sharing and the glorious new ipods, ipads Apple Tv’s etc. with all their movie, tv show rental HD magical wonderment, why the hell didn’t Mr. Jobs just connect this into the entire store? I understand and respect the importance of music and the fantastic social aspect of the an eclectic musical community but itunes isnt just about music!!!

I really really hope there is a game plan for this service in the near future or they may as well just kill it off as to not piss people off!! 

Looks like a constant stream of advertisement to me!!!! I wanna know what my friends and cool people are listening to, with the occasional cool post from someone famous. 


My suggestions


Facebook Integration

Twitter Integration

Some form of gmail/email integration

Expand it to the whole store

Integrate it into the new Apple Tv os so you can sit on the couch and post your purchases, likes etc.(Someone needs to get this down cause I think if someone had a like button on their TV remote(or integrated right into the Ipad/Ipod/Iphone handy dandy remote feature that Mr. Jobs wants us all to use with the new unit anyways) it would be the most infectious thing since the Bubonic Plague.

An online Web page for your Ping profile with a vanity url. YOUR DAMN NAME HERE!!!

Come on Apple, external design and aesthetics are fine and dandy but actual usability and common sense should be the prevalent theme.

I am really hoping(but not too happy about the fact) that maybe this was rushed into and there are MAGICAL plans for this service, cause the amount we all HAVE to use Itunes for all our beautifully designed and crafted Apple products really leaves us wanting awhole lot more…Dare I say..ONE MORE THING!!!!

**PAy attention to why people love LALA (Dont destroy the memory) There is a reason and pandora and and a ton of other companies are cornering this market..look at their social aspects and make them Apple Sexy(rdio cough cough)

Gonna go watch Warehouse 13 that I purchased on Itunes that I would love to share with all(clears throat) my Itunes Ping friends and start great conversations that (clears throat again)  ties right into facebook and twitter to expand my conversations. 



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